A long long time ago I *Stutters* was not loved I always wanted to be loved.... I searched for this kind of love. I wound up in a Child sex ring. I was never loved by any one.... I miss the life I once had. Before this I couldn't even realize this hell one earth that exists. Then there was a young 4 year old that was kidnapped walking with his father on his way home from school. From what I heard they killed his father at 6:00 on 6-12-08. When he first came he was crying so much. I went up to him and I comforted him. Slowly we became friends even in this situation. Then he was being dragged away so he could I don't even want to say it. But then I picked up a rusty knife they used. I stabbed him I humiliated him I cut of his balls as revenge! They young boy name Luka who was barely 4 years thanked me. This is just part of what I told the police when I was freed. One day we were both bought for 125,000$ I didn't know you could price a human for sex. The man would always try to you know what with us. I was forced to sleep with him so he wouldn't hurt Luka He said he loved me but that was obviously not true.

But but then one day we were freed after 16 years of being nothing but humans for sale made to be slept with. Finally I was freed with my only friend. This is when I found Someone I could love but sadly shortly after he died he died in my arms just 1 week after we were freed. I cried for days. I started remembering all the crap I had to go through. Then I broke into a non stop rage then I found one of the sick god damn perverts! I stabbed with 18 times in the chest I kicked him and he died. He died!..... But then this may be my last thoughts the police came barging in and they shot me. They shot me

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